Dread "going".
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Author:  Sis [ Sun May 06, 2018 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  Dread "going".

I want to say i'm dreading going to church - but church isn't the issue. I'm dreading the "going". Once i'm there, i'm fine. I think i have a touch of social anxiety or something. Or maybe i just don't want to get dressed. :P

So, i came here to see if there was anybody around to sidetrack me a bit longer so i could put off getting in the shower and getting ready. :lol: No? Oh well, guess i'll go jump in the shower.

Unless someone's here? {Waiting......... }

Author:  Anna1111 [ Sun May 06, 2018 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dread "going".

Yeah. Me too.

I love Church.

But I dread going to things like parties (so much so that I skipped a social event during the week, just because I spent the day before dreading it). I enjoy Church more when it's "empty" - which is to say, a low crowd. :? And, so, sometimes on Saturdays I find myself not looking forward to Sunday Morning (we also go to Church Saturday night - very low crowd - don't find myself dreading *that*)

Everyone at Church is very nice - there's nothing TO dread :geek:

I totally get it. I don't have a cure for you. It does help to go "as a family" :)

Author:  Briva [ Sun May 06, 2018 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dread "going".

I am visiting two churches. They both have an early service, 7:45 or 8:30. I find them a little less crowded and mostly older folk. Went with dh to a different church last week :?
Got there late and found it completely packed. We found two seats by the back wall to the left of the entrance so we sat there. A lady pointed us to the upstairs balcony. What a relief, just a few people.

The reason there were no seats was the pastor's object lesson :? He had assigned 'reserved' to three full pews. The lesson, he introduced the empty pews as the outstanding saintly people in his church. All I could think of was that the late comers were banished to the balcony. That's okay, we got to skip out before the crowd.

Anna, I remember Saturday vigils where we were the only ones there aside from the pastor and maybe a reader. I miss the prayers, incense and candlelight.

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